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Whether you want to simply recharge, reduce stress or enhance sleep duration and quality,  The Negril Concierge will help you to plan your retreats, whether it be for a day, or a holistic, multi-week, residential experience.

There is considerable evidence which suggests that retreats are best staged in natural environments, as exposure to nature results in you benefiting from enhanced physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.   

Being a pristine place, Negril itself has garnered a fine reputation for being among the finest places to keep retreats, which lead to substantial improvements in multiple dimensions of health and well-being, as many repeat visitors to the town will tell you. 


The Negril Concierge will tailor your retreat to suit your personal needs, whether you desire various educational, therapeutic, and leisure activities and certainly, and access to a healthy, natural/organic, mostly plant-based diet.

The benefits of staging your retreat in Negril are wide and varied.   Among them are:

Spa treatments can be done in the comfor

Stress reduction

The very atmosphere of Negril provides an environment conducive to rest, respite, and relaxation leading to improved mood and cognition.   But in addition, through a retreat, you can benefit from yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and massage in an environment conducive to reducing stress and enhancing sleep quality.    

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Healthy eating

Here we work with you to place an emphasis on plant-based, organically produced food, as well as wellness-related educational talks by experts on issues such as diet, physical activity, posture, elimination and relationships.  Your wish is our command!  


Negril has Excellent air quality

Herbal treatments

Jamaica has strong indigenous herbal, traditional medicine, and healing traditions from which you can benefit.   Many of these, including Cannabis, have been studied by our major universities.  


Our retreats can range from a 7-day residential program where all food, beverages, and a wide range of activities are provided, and includes “dreamtime” which is an opportunity for you to rest, rejuvenate, receive spa treatments, including massage, body treatments, counselling sessions, and other healing modalities. 

Generally, a retreat curated by The Negril Concierge will offer opportunities to foster a connection with nature, enhance social connections with like-minded people while avoiding news, electronic media, and the use of digital technology.   

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