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A taste of Jamaica…

A taste of Jamaica… treat yourself to a culinary vacation in Negril

By taking an interactive culinary vacation in Negril, fondly known as the Capital of Casual, you will be able to experience Jamaica’s food and culture on a deep level, just as Jamaicans do.


Your taste buds and your body will be pleased, as Jamaican cuisine consists, to a great extent, of island-farmed natural and organic foods, spices and beverages, many of which are proven to be mood-lifters.  In fact, many studies attribute much of the mellowness and relaxed mannerisms of Jamaicans to the food eaten on the island. 

A Jamaican dish - Boiled White rice curr

Engage in Food Sampling Excursions

Jamaican cuisine -  Vegetarian breakfast

Our culinary vacation in Negril, can range from vegan retreats, attending food festivals, rum distillery visits and what we at The Negril Concierge refer to as ‘food-hopping’ across the island to sample local specialties and traditional favorites such as  patties and coco-bread, which are baked pastries stuffed with spices and savory fillings,  whilst traveling in our climate-controlled vehicles. 

Jamaican cuisine - Breadfruit tacos.JPG

Learn how to cook like a Jamaican 

Jamaican cuisine - Jamaican jerk pork an

Your trip could involve learning how to cook authentic Jamaican food the traditional Jamaican way, such as cooking curry outdoors on a coal stove, baking a pudding or roasting breadfruit or yams on a wood fire, learning how to do jerk by marinating and slow-smoking meat over Pimento wood, and all other types of food preparation, all under the tutelage of a professional chef.   

Choose your own ingredients at a               Jamaican market

Take a trip to a Jamaican Food Market.JP

The experience could also be tailored to involve trips to local markets where you can choose your own ingredients, purchase fresh, seasonal fruit, immerse yourself in the colors, scents, sounds, and tastes and enjoy the real Jamaica. It could also be a trip to a local farm where you can sample all the delightful fruits, vegetables and herbs for which Jamaica is known.

Jamaican cuisine - Fried fish, festival

It is all up to you.  Absolutely anything culinary that you desire, the Negril Concierge is here to ensure it is done.


So, what are you waiting for? Let us work with you to plan your culinary vacation in Jamaica today!

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