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Sports and Adventure

Sports and Adventure

If you are looking for an action-packed collection of adventures in Jamaica, The Negril Concierge will ensure your desires are met.   

Welcome Thrill Seekers!

From sporting competitions to soft and hard adventure, we can ensure you get to experience Jamaica in its element during your vacation in Negril.  From scuba-diving to snorkeling, to non-motorized sports, hiking etc, we can arrange those experiences for you. 


We can book/buy tickets to sporting events, and arrange for you to participate in competitive sporting activities including marathons and triathlons. 

There is a lot of adventure in Negril, both on land and on sea.  The main sea-based adventure activities in Negril are water sports such as parasailing, snorkeling and scuba-diving, while on land there is table and lawn tennis, as well as competitive sports such as the annual Reggae Marathon. 


If you’re seeking a vacation full of daring activities in and around Negril, your best bets are safaris, adventure parks, water adventures, treetop adventures, mountain, cave, hiking, river rafting, surfing, zip-lining and horseback riding.  

There are also adventure parks offer from go-kart racing and paintball activities, conquering bumpy terrains with ATVs, soaring through the air on zip lines, and maneuvering rushing waters are common adventure park activities.  

Mountain Adventures

If you would love to experience a trek around Jamaica’s unspoiled ridges, where the freshest, purest air abounds, no worries.  From to the lower ridges near Negril, to Jamaica’s highest point, The Blue Mountain Peak in the east, we will get you there.    The experience of absorbing  sweeping aerial views of rolling hills and majestic mountains, valleys, and the ocean, and Jamaica’s magnificent flora and fauna  will make you fall in love with the island over and over again.

Cave Adventures

Jamaica’s cave adventures allow you to venture into the depths of the island where beautiful limestone rock formations are in abundance, as are fruit bats.  Jamaica’s caving experiences re among the best you will ever find.


Jamaica has established and maintained a remarkable sporting record over the past 70 years. 

Since 1948 Jamaica's track and field athletes, who are acknowledged to be among the best in the world, have won hundreds of Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals, among them the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

Jamaica has held several world records, and produced world famous cricketers, boxers, swimmers and footballers.    Everything from football to basketball, cricket to golf, volleyball to netball to track and field are all practiced on island professionally and for leisure.

Among the other sports Jamaicans participate in at a competitive level are: Field hockey, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis, volleyball, basketball, rugby,  horse-racing, skittles, squash, golf, swimming, water polo Go-cart racing Motor biking, darts. 

There are also competitions in sailing, baseball, shooting, body building, martial arts, bobsled, surfing, softball, motor racing, cycling, gymnastics, polo, equestrian, pool, yacht racing and synchronized swimming.

Experience community sports

Jamaicans love to play! Sports is played on almost any surface.  From the streets, open lots, sidewalks, the beach, to even hillsides, sports is a must!  From rocks for goal posts, old tires for wickets, makeshift bats made from board sports must be played.   If you want to watch or immerse yourself in these games, The Negril Concierge will arrange it for you.

If you want to catch a game at the National Stadium or the Sabina Park in Kingston, and see some of our champions in action, we will get you there. 

Want to take a sports or adventure vacation in Jamaica?

                The Negril Concierge Now!

Learn to sprint like a Jamaican Champ!

If you engage in a sport where speed is required, or simply want to learn sprinting techniques, we can arrange for you to learn to sprint like a Jamaican champion, right here in Negril.   We have highly trained track and field coaches on our roster, who are ready to push you into sprinting prowess, by teaching you the techniques used by our star athletes, at your own pace.

Or, if you wish to see how Jamaicans do it from the grassroots level, we can arrange for you to attend, from a kindergarten school track meet, to elementary meets, high school, our national high school Boys and Girls Championships, senior national championships and other meets.   

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