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Small Group Travel

Family and Small group travel


At the Negril Concierge, we work with you to create tours carefully designed for your family or small group of friends who want to create lasting memories, while experiencing Jamaica, its people, and its culture. 

From experiencing Negril and other parts of Jamaica more authentically, traveling with like-minded people, will result in unique experiences you and your family/friends will all enjoy.     

The team at the Negril Concierge knows that travelers get a lot more out of their experience if they travel in smaller groups, so the vast majority of our activities are designed for 15 people or less.  

Meet the people

If you want a little adult time to interact with other Jamaicans and make new friends, or have your children meet and interact with others their own age for a fulsome immersion in Jamaican culture, we can have that arranged, as we know that it might be challenging to do that by yourself.  

We will go to great lengths to get you and your family on the road less taken.

We can get you to meet like-minded families or groups, with whom you can interact with and share experiences. The social atmosphere of small group experiences represents a major benefit, which you and your family will cherish. 

Let us help you immerse yourself in Jamaican culture

In the limited time that you have to see Jamaica, it is easy to end up bypassing the local culture, as limited time and lack of familiarity may make getting to off-the-beaten-path places impossible.  

Even if you know a destination like the back of your hand, there are experiences you may not be able to organize, such as an authentic cooking lesson in a private home or a soccer game or other indigenous games with children from the local community.

This is where The Negril Concierge comes in.

With The Negril Concierge working with you to plan your vacation, we eliminate any sense of isolation and instead ensure that you and your family or group are able to immerse yourselves in, and become familiar with the Jamaican local language, customs, and the island’s culture.    

Let’s plan

In summary, our small group experiences are designed to ensure you and your family, or group experience Jamaica authentically, whether it be sending a day cooking at the riverside with Jamaicans, learning how to dig yams, cooking jerk, or shopping at a local market, you and your family will come away with unique experiences that you wouldn’t easily find on your own. 


                      to plan your dream trip to Jamaica.

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