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Heritage and Culture Experiences

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                    Heritage and Culture Experiences

If you are a heritage and culture enthusiast, who wants to travel with the primary purpose of exploring the history and heritage of Jamaica, The Negril Concierge will be happy to work with   you to design an experience that you will find fulfilling and inspiring. 


Jamaica has a huge inventory of heritage places, culture, lifestyle and traditions, assets and monuments for you to visit, enjoy and learn about.   Your heritage vacation could range from simple sightseeing of renowned historical architecture, visiting local historic towns, museums that document the past through artifacts, art, and literary remains, or even something as quaint as sampling authentic historical recipes in their place of origin, for example jerk at Boston Bay, the home of jerk.

The island is enhanced by a rich ancient heritage going back over 300 years including historic places as the Rio Nuevo battle site, Rose Hall Great House, and Port Royal/Port Charles which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

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The broad categories of Jamaica’s heritage inventory include:

Forts & fortifications

Archaeological sites


National Heroes sites

Mineral Spas

Great Houses

Free Villages

Maroon settlements

Slavery & Emancipation sites

Special communities 


Natural wonders (Waterfalls, Caves, Mountains)


Cock Towers

Historic Districts

Railway stations

Sugar Works

Statues and Memorials

Parks and gardens

Court Houses

Historic Schools


Industrial Heritage

Pre-Columbian Jamaica (Taino) Sites

Indeed, you can combine your love of history with other tourist delights such as shopping, amusement park visits and sightseeing tours, with your resort stay at The Aqueducts of Negril.   

Take Kingston for example; the city offers some marvelous delights including architectural grandeur and a historical mineral bath at Rockfort, that takes you back in time.  All this becomes even more alluring when coupled with the fantastic gastronomic offerings of the city. 

Another town, nearby to Negril is Black River, one of the first places in the Western Hemisphere to get electricity and a motor car, which is also complimented by gastronomic offerings of peppered shrimp at nearby Middle Quarters and fried fish bammies at Border.   Also steeped in history is the old English town of Falmouth which is laced with centuries-old buildings.   These can be visited on a half day to full-day trip. 

The Negril Concierge will work with you to streamline your heritage tours, to suit your tastes.

Your wish is our command.  

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