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Health & Wellness

                  Disconnect and enjoy Negril, Jamaica

If you are enticed by the thought of rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit by enjoying clean fresh sea air, sunny walks, quiet tranquil spots, pampering, meditation, yoga, spectacular scenery, walking trails and a peaceful way of life, we have got it right here in Negril.    

Whether you are motivated by wellness to take the trip to Negril, seeking to maintain well-being, engage in wellness activities or improve physical fitness and mental health, during your stay, the Negril Concierge is at your service.   

A wellness-based trip to Negril, makes for a remarkable twinning of your inner harmony and the natural beauty of this stunning resort town.

                          Find your best wellness solution

The Negril Concierge will arrange your meditation and fitness classes, personal care, beauty and anti-aging, preventative and personalized medicine, spa, fitness mind and body, healthy eating nutrition and weight loss programs.  We will work with you to find the best wellness solutions.

                          Let your food be your medicine

Whether your desire is to go strictly vegan, or mainly plant-based foods with some fish and egg protein, we ensure you are provided with foods in which you can be confident.   

We will expose you to meals prepared by your own private chef, with natural Jamaican  ingredients, many known for their healing properties, as you seek to make “your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. 


                    Experience traditional herbal treatments

It does not end there.  Throughout Jamaica there are strong indigenous herbal, traditional and complementary medicine, and healing traditions.    Your offerings could include visits to some of our hot springs, mineral spas, massage therapists, and of course thalassotherapy, which abounds in Negril.

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